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    Continue their criminal activity post release.

    Who’d a thunk it.

    You know, if they put half that effort into fixing their own countries, they wouldn’t have to leave home.

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    The people coming here are the unemployed, uneducated or just looking for free benefits. There isn’t a chance in hell that they would or could fix anything in any country. The administration is growing the welfare system as fast as possible to create fundamental change.


    Their own countries don’t want them, and will go to great lengths to get rid of them.

    In my old profession we called this a clue.

    Its time to take off the kid gloves and treat them like we woud be treated there.


    Let’s say you’re the President of Dirtbagistan. You’re saddled with a surplus population that doesn’t work, filled with political agitators and radicals, criminal gangs, the sick, etc. To your east lies a relatively wealthy nation with lots of free space and a corrupted government.

    Whatcha gonna do?

    Easy. You’re going to jettison everyone you can, just like Castro did. They leave? Not your problem anymore. You don’t have to pay for them and even better, they won’t be voting in any of your elections anytime soon. Since they left voluntarily and are all pretty much camped out in one area of The Other Guy’s Country, it’s a three-fer!

    1. Not your problem anymore.
    2. Colonization via overwhelming numbers displacing the natives. Get enough guys there, you’re lookin’ at some new beach-front property!
    3. Increased ethnic representation in The Other Guy’s Country gives you some influence in his government, which means they’ll pander to the invaders and make decisions that benefit you, personally.

    Everyone who’s a productive member of Dirtbagistan isn’t going anywhere – they’ve already got a nice life. Engineers, doctors, lawyers, criminals (maybe the criminals, but only to expand their territory) – they don’t need to go anywhere. The cost of living in Dirtbagistan is so low, they live like kings anyways… to move to The Other Guy’s Country would only lower their standard of living. So, The Other Guy isn’t getting educated professionals.

    Edit: Actually in retrospect, it’s a four-fer. Add to the list billions – with a “b” – of dollars siphoned out of The Other Guy’s Country and sent over to yours. Nice new source of income you can tax – indirectly of course – and fill your pockets with extorted money and pay off your cronies in order to stay in power….


    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    Malgus: Brilliant analogy. You have distilled the whole situation in an easy to understand way. Too bad our own representatives can’t understand it. Come to think of it, if they read it, they would start thinking of it as a way to get rid of us.

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    My problem:

    These people are criminals. Every single one of them. They have made the decision to break the law when they cross the border. This is why they should not be called “illegal immigrants” or “undocumented workers” or even “migrant workers.” They are CRIMINALS………

    So, these criminals are willing break several laws to be here. What is one, two or ten more? Nothing to a criminal……

    Deport them all, seize all their ILLEGALLY gained property and that of those HARBORING these CRIMINALS. It would be quite a simple matter and any international blow back would be simply avoided by using the word “criminal” in reference to these people.

    Problem solved.


    a few things :
    1 The great wall of China worked
    2. You dont have to guard a mine field .
    3. Drones can strike from high altitude .
    4 good thing I am not president , or Mexico would be getting a similar ultimatum that Serbia got , just before WW1 .

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    L Tecolote

    Come to think of it, if they read it, they would start thinking of it as a way to get rid of us.

    What? They’re not already trying to get rid of us? Given the way our representatives “represent” us, I suspect they not only “read it” — they already attended the same kind of instruction as Zero, or Fidel. If they aren’t already trying to get rid of us, they’re at least trying to more thoroughly enslave us.

    If the productive Citizens could divert their eyes from the nightly wide-screen devilvision, long enough to see that they are being ripped off by the people they elect, they might decide to have different representatives … if. As it now stands, American politics has become strictly a con-man’s game. If your representative isn’t betraying you already, the rest of them will soon enough squash his/her efforts anyway.

    A nation invariably, though not always immediately, gets the kind of government its median morality deserves. That’s why I’m on this discussion board: to learn to prepare for a dicey future that a population which continues to blow off its Citizen duty has already secured.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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