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    Toby C
    Toby C

    Hi Everyone,

    Today we have a great blog post that poses an interesting question. It is very easy when prepping to get ‘locked in’ to one way of doing things, or one opinion, but well rounded survival is all about looking and being open to new or different ideas.

    Check out our article and after you’ve read it, share with us your thoughts on what is the ‘Best SHTF weapon’ and more importantly WHY that is the best choice…

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    A pistol is the fastest weapon to get into immediate use. No way you can use a bow against someone trying to attack you inside your vehicle.


    Gun vs bow?
    Easy choice. Gun.
    There are a number of reasons why, but the basics are simple.

    First, I don’t need two hands to shoot a gun.
    Even a longgun.
    That may not seem like much, but it’s more important than one thinks.
    You fall down, your arthritis acts up, you are carrying something, all can preclude the use of an arm. Suddenly you are unable to gather food, to defend oneself, ones family.

    Range. The only food available may just be that deer at 100y. My chances of of putting that critter on the table are exponentially better even with a handgun than any bow.

    Sure that deer may only run 75y after you push a broadhead through it, but where is that 75y?
    In front of another hunter? Someone hunting me now?

    Defense with a bow?
    Ever hear someone impaled with something?
    The bow may be quiet but they aren’t.

    I have to chuckle when I read about someone making arrows,especially for a compound bow in the field. It’s hard enough to make one for my little 45# recurve that don’t shatter, in my shop let alone in the field.
    And that’s assuming good wood, not sagebrush like grows here.

    Worse comes to worse, I have a better chance of making more ammo, than arrows. Repriming with a match head, black powder or something similar, paper patching a projectile to fit.

    More to follow.


    Okay, sorry it’s been a long weekend.

    Arrows depend upon cutting for effect.
    They essentially have zero shocking power, zero crush area. They only destroy what they touch.
    Compared to a bullet, which has multiple wounding methods, and means of effect.

    I’m not saying the firearm is perfect but outside a very limited range of uses, the gun is the best choice.

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    I am with WB here… I would say that a firearm is better.

    1 well placed shot means that whatever you are shooting at is down. It also means that there is a small chance of the source being zeroed in on unless you shoot a second time.

    Arrows require the target to exsanguinate. Although I have never had a critter go more than 40 yards after being hit with a 4 blade Muzzy, that is still 40 yards in any direction. I can head shoot deer (and have on more occasions that I would ever admit) to have the feller drop in its hoof tracks. 1 shot, instant harvest, and little chance of the source being determined…. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy…..

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    At least for me, it’s a matter of practicality and age. At this stage, muscle mass is decreased, strength is decreased, I’ve got ZERO experience with a bow (except playing around as a kid 60 years ago), and plenty enough left to do with the time I’ve still got on mother earth. I’m lucky to get to the range enough to keep my firearm skills close to where I’m comfortable with them. Maybe if I was 20 years younger I’d think about archery. I can’t control 100% of the circumstances that could come, and need to keep as close to being able to handle the ones I can halfway control, so firearms it is, for me at least. I just don’t have time left to get good enough with shot placement with a bow and arrow.


    Also with a bow or crossbow, one shot is all you get. If you have multiple assailants, or miss the kill zone on the first shot at an animal, you do not get a second chance. At anything…

    And yes, I’d rather not have to track even a well-shot deer while dusk is fast turning into night. Having to use a flashlight (or torch) is a sure way to become a target yourself.

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