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    Whether you believe in a Supreme Being, or not, one thing that eventually dawns on anyone who seriously considers the matter: you ain’t It! That realization humbles some to the extent that they utilize their abilities to accomplish what they can, usually beneficial and worthwhile. The same realization, that they are not all powerful and in command of the universe, drives a mad few to attempt to fake it to themselves, usually by diminishing others, to the extent of their reach. Some, evilly gifted, manage to reach all the way around the planet, to diminish and subjugate as many millions as they can, all in rebellion against the inescapable fact that they are not, either singly, or collectively, God.

    Imagine being the wealthiest, most powerful and manipulative human on the planet, nearing the end of your calculating, acquisitive life. What thought would make you happiest? That perhaps your progeny, whom you have assiduously groomed and trained all their lives, might be able to bring misery and ruin to even more souls than you, in all your magnificent power, had manged to ruin? Really? How sick!

    Rejoice that you will never have enough wealth or power to indulge such madness!

    Cry, "Treason!"

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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