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There are several schools in south Florida. I can’t give you a recommendation as to I don’t know any of them. Find something close to you. Then research the school – look for reviews. Read all the reviews, especially the negative ones. Be realistic about how much you do or do not know. NRA certificates are nice, but I have several and I wasn’t impressed with what I got from them – but I was already an instructor. Another thing, right now you have lots of guys saying they were contractors or some high speed low drag secret squirrel guy – ask them about their school and what their MOS was if military or what company they worked for and then Google.

I know of several individuals who are running or ‘lead instructors’ who went over to the sand box and worked as security guards. Granted, they had more training than the armed security here in the states but they are presenting themselves as tier one operators. Your best bet for pistol is to find an instructor who is a working police officer and instructor with that agency. They are around and they can teach you the basics pretty good or they won’t be an agency instructor for very long. After you get the basics look for someone who teaches force on force. If you have a couple of training partners you guys can work with each other and that will help.

In some ways, shooting is like driving a car. The more you practice and the more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. Also, the super high speed advanced stuff is only the simple basics applied with extreme consistency under any condition. Some things to consider.