Just letting vultures etc dispose of the bodies is not healthy since other vermin (rats, dogs, coyotes etc) will proliferate and carry disease. Although some African cities use hyenas for general refuse disposal (maybe bodies too), since they hang around outside the city wall anyway, waiting…

I know burning is fuel intensive–I was thinking of one or two dead. To me, it is the most sanitary. Unless you have huge quantities of lime or lye on hand to disintegrate the dead bodies.

In some areas, security and lack of “diggable” ground will present problems for earth burial. But I admit a mass grave would be best for epidemic situations.

We will be required to face these decisions if/when things go down. I know in India, it is not uncommon for bodies to be added to the “berms” of garbage along the roadsides, esp if a beggar or Dalit. And then the pigs, chickens and street dogs are grubbing through it…. things are going to get pretty gross when bad things happen, as Selco says. We must mentally prepare for it.