Ha! Number 14: We were exhibiting my artwork at a wildlife show on the St Lawrence River, mid July, nice weather. Bushrat, who always plans ahead, gassed up our van immediately upon arrival. We parked our travel trailer and set up our display in the exhibition bldg. Meanwhile, the afternoon became hot and sultry.

In the middle of the night, our Lab puppy tried to climb into our bed, totally terrified–and we awoke to the fact that our trailer was lurching back and forth, rain was pelting on the roof, the wind was howling, and all was not well.

A microburst had occurred; some claimed a tornado. When dawn arrived, the town and entire area–30,000 people–were without electricity. 8 were dead. The National Guard was called out. Needless to say, the show was cancelled, but no one was allowed to leave town for several hours until some roads were cleared of downed trees and utility lines.

We were among the very few who COULD leave, since all gas pumps were down. Those trapped in motels had no AC or food… Heading down the Interstate, we saw devastation on every side. The National Guard would not allow anyone off the exits for 50 miles…and only then could anyone purchase gas for the trip home.

So stuff can happen anytime, anywhere. Be ready. Bushrat is a good man :) and God spared us from what could have been a personal disaster.