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I think they plan on occupying the US. An EMP attack would cripple the power grid and almost any type of organized resistance. At least for a time. They could hit the CONUS with several EMPs almost instantly using the container launchers ( http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/new-hidden-missile-system-unknown-to-feds/nFDfM/ ) and the troops already here and on cargo ships – Chinese are making refrigerated containers that will house a squad for the transpacific voyage). An issue which leads me to believe this is the recent photos of Russian and Chinese troops using M4/M16s and having pistols chambered (or easily converted to) in 9mm. Why would both countries who have used the AK pattern rifles for over half a century start to use a rifle which is marginally better (more accurate, but less reliable) and adopt pistols in a cartridge that has never been in widespread use in there own country? As to them being able to occupy the US, I don’t think they can, but they can control some areas – farmland. Both countries need more farmland to feed future generations.