I know my Dad’s uncle kept rabbits in his backyard in LA years ago. He remarked that they would become agitated before an earthquake.

Not many of y’all remember the 1964 major “Good Friday” earthquake in Alaska–demolished sections of Anchorage, and the whole port of Valdez, among other things. I was a ham radio operator at that time, 40M CW. My normal skip distance was from our home in NJ to western NY State/Ohio/eastern Michigan. That Thursday night, I found myself in a MC conversation with a man in a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Washington State, not far from Alaska. Thought it a little strange….then when the news broke of the earthquake, I wondered if the earth’s magnetic field had changes that night, that were predicting the quake. Still wondering…

And short term weather changes, most hunters know that animals and birds are active and moving just before a major storm. Eating, finding optimum shelter, then at the last moment, disappearing into shelter.

But I don’t put any stock in wooly bears’ color bands predicting the severity of a winter… ;)