” Obama is either an idiot , or he is purposefully trying to destroy the US economy ” Vladimir Putin

Did he really say that? Oh wow!

I see this whole thing unfolding like this *(unlike some major war or disaster comes before). I mostly speak about the US because I think things will be happening there first. Other places like Spain for example that face similar problems when it comes to their economy for example wont go down before the US I think.

US keeps sliding into an economic collapse. The gap between rich and poor keeps getting bigger. More jobs become obsolete / get outsourced. The cultural and ethnic differences keep growing. In times of hardship people look for people like themselves. More internal tensions. Riots, civil unrest. No idea how the government reacts… (if they react badly this could amplify the collapse by A LOT!) no idea how the collapse proceeds from there.

Meanwhile similar things happen in other more developed countries all over the world. The economy will suffer a lot. People will try to get away from the crime ridden cities. On the countryside some more local economies are established.

So overall I think it will resemble a lot the Yugoslav collapse, just without the people in power pushing hate and violence. It will come from other groups and simply poor and desperate people who are tired of being pushed around.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")