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.223 is so plentiful here. Its the .308 you don’t see much of in quantity. I’ve decided to quit reloading, unless I really need the ammo. Its the crimp thing I worry most about in auto. Getting a recessed bullet or squib is scary especially in rapid fire. Recently I took .223 I reloaded a while ago 2000 rds. before I got a new electronic scale and started looking for too heavy or too light rounds. I found a bunch way out of spec ( about 10-20) many I overcharged with powder I presume. It could be the brass but it was all new from the same company. So I narrowed down all my rounds to a closer weight range. Next I’m going to recrimp them with another die just to be sure. Human error in reloading is a real bugger and I’ve made my share of mistakes lol.