Add bedpans and hospital (folding) bedside commode. And a folding walker–useful even with a bad back.

Peroxide can be used to kill germs even on delicate body surfaces (OK, gross, but I take a tiny camping bottle with me to wipe off the backsplash from squatty-potties in India–too many diseases to risk not doing that). Betadine for further germicidal qualities on skin and suture sites.

I remember, many years ago, having quaternary ammonia tablets on our farm. Dissolved them in water to make a powerful germicidal solution. Did an emergency rumenottomy on a calf once, doused the site with the solution, sutured her up, and she walked away and survived just fine.

Epsom salts, the old-timey cure for soaking infected areas in hot solution. Also useful as a strong laxative. Some rural people claim it is helpful with snakebite but don’t know the facts.

A heavy plastic sheet for tucking under a patient to give them a sponge bath, or when using the bedpan, when the patient is very weak. A few adult diapers might be needed in extreme cases…

Just some thoughts. I took care of my grandfather for his final 3 years; my Dad during his final cancer; and Bushrat during his amputations and recovery. No nursing degree, but learned a few things.