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Assuming I am still alive (one never knows LOL), I will be right here, where I am now. Will the world be the same? IMHO absolutely not.

Personally I believe that sometime very soon (within a year, perhaps 2) there will be some form of another economic calamity that will have repercussions around the world. Banks and governments are so big, one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. As well, I fully expect that, given the ever-increasing levels of volcanoes erupting and earthquakes being registered all over the world that several countries (including US) will suffer some very large natural disaster that will shock us.

I do fully expect that some ‘mighty mite’ of a dictator or country will shock the world and start a devastating war that will quickly escalate. I think the Chinese will be a lead player in creating further havoc. While Putin/Russia is now problematic, I fully believe that the Russian people have long, deep memories of their time under leaders like Putin is turning to be; and, will in the end rise up and help in whatever conflict arises. I also believe that in my lifetime, there will be some sort of natural earth/pole shift that will, from the human perspective, devastate land masses and shore lines in many countries, including my own. The changes in the poles/ice cover etc tell my gut that this is where that is probably leading to.

I don’t think the next 10 years will be anything similar to the life I now experience. Fully expect either terrorist or natural calamity here in US to take down portions of the grid. Surprised it hasn’t happened yet. Fully expect to basically use hand tools and other ‘old ways’ here on the farm. Fully expect to be riding horses to get around and not driving a car.

IMHO, between the precarious state of some many areas of the world and mother nature?, I think life as we know it at the moment can and will change very rapidly – the world is a tinderbox now.