You need to have lot of disposable items, as more as you can, bags, plates, masks, gloves, shoe covers, aprons, gowns, etc. I am not talking only about medical items, but also cups and similar.
Soap, rubbing alcohol, sanitizers, bleach…

Also one room in your home needs to be designated for sick folks.
There need to be part of your home (or yard better) designated for “decontamination” when you coming back to your home from outside world, so you can remove all your possible dirty clothes and clean yourself before entering home.

Sometimes it is impossible, but everything counts in trying to stay as clean as you can.

About dealing with dead body, in city it can be problem because you need to find any kind of free ground to dig it, and sometimes it needs to be very close to home because security reasons.

Burning bodies sounds practically but in reality you need lot of fuel to burn the body to the let say “usable” form (or size).