Bannock was also cooked by wrapping a coil of the thick dough around a stick and baking over the coals.
Some flatbreads can be cooked on a hot flat stone–piki bread of the Hopi, basically blue corn grits and water.
Tortillas of Mexico and chapatti of India are very similar–a handful of flour with a dab of salt in the middle, mix with water and flatten out; bake in an oiled skillet or on a stone.

Remember, whatever you can add to lighten dough will make it more delicious: baking powder, or baking soda plus sour milk, or wild yeast/sourdough. A little salt enhances the savoryness of bread as does the addition of rich whole grains, beans, berries, etc. An egg doesn’t hurt either and will make the loaf/cake more cohesive. It depends on how poor you are, as to the simplicity of your bread. Or if you have any bread at all.