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Robin, You need to have stored rolls of plastic and duck tape so you can tape up an area(room) were they will be. Buy the 3M 1860 N95 RESPIRATOR AND SURGICAL MASK/BIRD FLU 20 per box. Every time you go in and out of the room the mask needs to be put in the trash and take it off but DO NOT TOUCH THE OUT SIDE!! That is were the virus is. Maybe get a small bag and throw away the masks in the bag.

About the dead that is a hard one to answer. You need to put the body in big plastic trash bags. You can use some duck tape on the bags to hold them together. Home Depot sells the real large construction bags, the heavy plastic ones.

That is for starters, there are many other thing to do but it all depends on what the virus is or what type of flu. The contagious diseases are one big problem. If it is a bio virus we are in trouble and we may have to put the plastic on all doors and windows. Buy the best virus filters for your Central A/C. Make sure that when you change the filter that you have gloves and trash the filter and gloves in a big trash bag.