Jay: I agree Freedom, it is probably just wishful thinking. I think the gap between rich and poor has the biggest potential to cause armed conflicts in western countries.

Jay, our “poor” are not that impoverished in America. I spend a lot of time in the Third World and have seen true poverty. My husband and I are well below the poverty line in America, and we have more than most in the world.

I think the gap is between those who want total control (in power) and those who want their freedom as individuals.

The US Constitution was meant to protect those God-given rights and freedoms. The govt did NOT give them to us. It was instituted to protect them. Not erode them away, which has happened in the guise of “protecting” us “for our own good.” One can barely start a new business here, too many choking regulations and taxes.

I know rich people who are generous; I know some who claim to be concerned with “the working man” and “the environment” who are total narcissists and power hungry wolves. Some corporations are not evil; they provide jobs and opportunities for those who are willing to actually work.

I only hope that America pulls together for this next election. But, my hopes are dim… Too many are receiving some benefit or other from the powers that be, and are unwilling to sacrifice their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” for freedom for their grandchildren. The birth of America was a huge and noble experiment brought about by men of integrity and intelligence, having gleaned their wisdom from intensive study of history.

Most Americans today know more about video games and sports scores, than about history–or what our govt is doing. They are anesthetized into passiveness and immobility. Cannot think analytically. That is why we are in the situation we are in, and barely waking up to action.

I am for individual responsibility, and helping each other if things are difficult. Not being “saved” by the ponderous and corrupt govt. End of rant ;)