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Jay, The question I ask everyone that tells me that China will be the new leading nation is if the U. S. and Europe buy less then who will buy from the Chinese(There Products)? I do think that the minute the U. S. and Europe collapse it is only a matter of time before China falls. They will not have anyone to sell there products to.

The U. S. consumer is the only consumer in the world that buys something and puts it in there closet. How many times did I buy a t shirt to just not use it, that doesn’t happen any were in the world. We buy and do not fix much of anything. Without the U. S. consumer it is over for China and they know it.

So I do not know what will be the end game but China needs the U. S.. China now has another problem which is many in there population are living well and will not take what the living conditions were 15 to 20 years ago so the Chinese Government also knows this.

The fall of the U. S. will bring the world economies down and may bring a world war.