I may well be saying, “What? Speak up, sonny!”

Really, I don’t know what to think. I have a natural predisposition to think that “as it has been, so it will continue”; which perhaps is an odd view for a prepper.

I do expect there will be considerable political and economic tumult in the next ten years in many places in the world, and as I live in a very precarious personal situation it is likely to have an impact on me.

I really don’t like to play the religion card here because it annoys people who don’t share in it, but I would be a humbug if I didn’t say that I have relied upon Jehovah and Jesus Christ to keep me going for the past nearly twenty years, where any week in that time could have seen me out on the street, and for many years before that when a lot of very bed things happened to me. Therefore I thank him for keeping me in a good situation during all that time when I have had no prospects and little money. I expect that in ten years time, if I am still here, I will still be in his care, whatever my circumstances may be.

I know none of this answers the actual question, but I really can’t picture my situation in ten years. time.

Bugs Bunny: "I speak softly, but I carry a big stick."
Yosemite Sam: "Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD! and I carry a BIGGER stick! and I use it, too!" BAM!