Tolik, Thanks for the feedback.To those in power we are no more than servants, to provide their power and fortune. Politically, I’m feel same as you, a combination of many thoughts and ideals. Yet my one and only true guide is the Constitution, as it should be for all Americans. Whether they be from native Americans or immigrants who legally gained citizenship. Yet, I disagree with you on one topic. It’s not the governments responsibility to look after us. It is our responsibility to look after ourselves. The function of government is to provide trade treaty’s and provide for the common defense. I feel that States should be sovereign, aligned together for the good of it citizenry. I feel that taxes are required, but should be minimal, a flat tax of a small proportion. Healthcare was and should be a private industry, but with some guidelines.
I really appreciate the welcome, and will keep up with all of you now that I found you. Keep you powder dry, you’ll need it.