I just think the raping and killing the Russians did when they got back at the Germans were as bad as the Germans doing it in the first place. Of course the Russians had much better reasons to do this, but evil is evil if it affects innocent people.

The German guy who stabbed some innocent Russian to death gets killed / tortured. That makes still somehow sense. The distant cousin of the German guy who was just sitting at home baking bread gets killed / tortured as revenge for what that guy did? Not cool… not cool at all. As bad as what the German guy did in the first place.

But just like you said, without getting esoteric, I also believe there is some sort of “karma” in effect. If you screw around with other people expect they will screw around with you.


Some good points. I agree.

If we put war and civil unrest aside, slavery has many faces and happens all the time on a sliding scale. You have the poor Filipino women held hostage in Saudi Arabia by wealthy families or you have the person who had some health issues, got in a lot of debt because of it and now has to work three low wage jobs just to keep a roof over her head. In both cases the system in place made these people slaves.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")