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My “cane”. It is a small ax head with a spike on the back, mounted on a hard wood shaft, turned out to be the perfect height for a cane for me after I padded the eye with some leather scraps. Plus the shape of the ax head makes a comfortable grip.

With the long handle it does not take all that much effort to put the spike through 1/2″ plywood.

Or my monkey fist, it has a 3 ounce steel ball bearing at the core, worked really well for putting holes in drywall so we could get better access to pull it off when remodeling a room, my 8 year old son LOVED doing that, he also used it to break the pieces of old drywall into pieces that would fit into our garbage bin. One of the intentions for making it was to weight a line to make it easier to shake ripe mulberries off the highest branches of our tree.