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When Clinton was in office I was concerned we were getting set up for an invasion. Clinton wanted to give the Panama Canal to the Chinese, at the same time a navy base in California was shutting down and the Chinese wanted it for a port. The Chinese entered a large contract with Boeing a for a fleet of aircraft. Fortunately congress stepped in the way and those things didn’t happen.

One thing is for certain world power is shifting. Russia is moving with impunity and they have started the next war. It might seem like nothing much is happening because there is no military action, but they are not afraid to use it. Further sanctions against them will provoke a more substantial response from them probably in conjunction with China. Russia is building a port in the Crimea for China. Additionally Russia is building a gas pipe line to China so if they want they can replace any purchases from Europe with sales to the Chinese. They can shut down gas to Europe.
If they trade heavily with other goods Russia could replace our market. China could stop selling us goods.

We will die in a trade war.