That’s a great setup Edheler! We have a pretty similar system. What do you plan to power with yours?

This is the system we install at our homestead. We have a company doing this but document every step so we know whats going on.

It is good for basic needs to power a medium sized fridge, fan and laptop for a few hours and some lights at night. We also have a generator running as backup. Overall this was about 4300 USD. We cook with gas, on a charcoal grill or in a clay oven and do all the washing by hand.

  • 6 x Solar module Poly-crystalline 240Watt
  • 1 x Charger Controller Power Master Premium 24V/60A
  • 8 x Battery Deep Cycle 125Ah/12V
  • 1 x Inverter Power Master LC-Series 24V/2400W Pure Sine Wave
  • 2 x DC breaker ONESTO 2 pole 500V/63A
  • 1 x DC Surge ONESTO 2 pole 1000Vdc Max. discharge 40KA
  • 18 x Connector MC4 for DC cable
  • 10 x Connector MC4 for DC cable “double”
  • 1 x DC cable for Inverter LC-Series (from batteries to Inverter)
  • 1 x AC Breaker “safety cut” 30A

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")