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I select my current boots on cost. Cheap or free… :-). So I have some advice on fixing up “throw out boots”.

My current walking boots are Hi Tec hikers that I bought at Vinnies ( St Vincent de Paul ) for $1. The shop lady suggested that they were so bad they shouldn’t sell them.. but I said I was happy to pay $1. ( It’s a charity.. and I’m big hearted…)
They were well worn ( broken in ) and the soles were lifting at the front.. but had plenty of life in the tread and sides. They fit me well.. so I bought some Urethane Glue .. based on internet search.. called Freesole.


These are Amazon reviews and my experience supports them. This is GOOD STUFF.. it works. I glued the soles and the Rand ( the bit of sole over the toe) and have been using them for several years now. I had to repair one of the lace attachments with a copper split rivet.. another handy thing to have.
My son was given a pair of Wolverine brand hunting boots which had a loose sole too. Same story. Fixed with the same tube ( and I have saved a pair of beach sandals too .. strap pulled out). The Wolverine boots are Goretex and are designed for forest hunting . Light and flexible. Good if you need to move quickly and quietly.

At one point in SHTF your life may depend on your boots.. so maybe have the best. At another point .. you may not be able to get any boots.. to replace your worn ones… so having cheap spares, or different kinds of boots.. may be what you need.