Jay, the organic veggie marketing is a great idea. Money usually drives decisions, unfortunately. Much of commercial agricultural production today is based on mechanization/petrol based fertilizers/pesticides. Can the world be fed if we go totally organic? I hope so because that’s how I grow my own garden. (Well, a little Sevin in reserve if a horde of bugs take over and I am totally dependent on my harvest…but not yet.) I am not happy eating commercially produced food because I know the way much of it is raised–esp the “no till” method where everything from the previous year is killed off with RoundUp, and the new seeds planted in the dead stubble (and poison residue…)

My brother in Australia has a firm “Trust Nature” that promotes organic farming/ permaculture/ bacterial teas and sprays. His theory is that natural plants have an ecosystem of bacteria/fungi etc on them which actually promote their health. Pesticides kill everything, even the beneficial organisms. He looks at nature as holistic, with most organisms playing a part, making up the whole.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I truly enjoy this forum…