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Knives come in all shapes and sizes but are not all equal. The king of survival knives is not a knife at all but a multitool. With the ability to tackle multiple uses and situations, it is the ultimate survival tool for any situation, including the often overlooked urban jungle.
I present to you the king of multi tools: The Gerber Flik Multi-plier!


This multitool with 3 blades, pliers, screw driver heads, scissors, and a can opener, is king of any task it is put too. Being an audio/ video engineer and an avid outdoorsman, I have many a task to perform to keep either the show going, or me living. I have burned through many multitools either from breaking the pliers loosening a hex bolt at work or from breaking a blade on something in the wild. After hearing from my father-in-law on his gerber, my wife decided to give me what would turn out to be the one tool I use almost daily in my professional and recreational life.
While the compliment of tools is standard for most multitools, there are two amazing aspects that set it far above the rest.
1. The flik, uses a sliding mechanism that allows the user to “flick” out the plier nose and operate it completely one handed. This I have found to be extremely handy. Holding an object in place with one hand and havering the ability to deploy the tool with the other becomes quite useful. Now being an engineer my original thought on it was “oh no a moving part!” As most techies know, moving parts are almost always more fragile than something rigid. This however was not a concern due to useful aspect number 2…
2. This thing is unbreakable. The first thing I thought would break on this was the sliding mechanism for the pliers but almost two years later for me and even more than that for my father inlaw, it has held true. The stainless steel construction must me made of a surprisingly hard steel. The scissors have remained tight, sharp, and able to cut through surprisingly thick cables. The screw driver bits have stayed solid through many high torque twists and turns. But what am I saying, this is a knife review, GET TO THE BLADE ALREADY!
The blade is fantastic. Made out of the same hard steel, it has held true time and time again. If there is a downside it is that such a hard steel takes much longer to sharpen and hone than others. A pain to do but well worth it. The only other complaint is the weight. It is a hearty 8 ounces. Not bad for a multitool but ultralight hikers will wince at the weight. I think the utility of it is more than worth the weight. The weight has come in handy when throwing lines for bear bags!

This knife is my everyday carry in daily life and survival. I would stake my life on it and I hope others can too. You can pick it up on amazon for about 65$. I would easily buy it again and again if I ever lost it.