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Love mine, but it did need some work. Cosmoline is easy to take care of. It’s got a low melting point. I used a aluminim pan the came from a deli, put in some paper towels and warmed the Bayo in the oven at 150/175degs. Set the sheath up against the stove wall for drainage. Left it in for 20mins and kept checking progress. This will get out most of the cosmo in the sheath.

After that I took the same pan , poored in some solvent (orderless mineral spirits{also great on surplus rifle stocks]). Took it outside to dry. Perfect. Blade was real dull in the point area (appered to have never been sharpened. Tough metal !! Had to take a metal file to get the edge down to be able to use a stone on it. Once I get it down to where I want it , it should hold an edge real well. Geo. n L.A.
PS, I got mine at a gunshow for 15bucks.