1974, the Delorme Gazetteers are great. While in Idaho, we would go north over the Bennett Hills Ridge (mountains by OK standards) on a dirt road regularly. One evening we looked at a large map put up by BLM at an intersection on top of the ridge. It showed the road to the right (east) intersecting with another a few miles down, which would take us north into the valley ahead by a different route. Adventure! Ha! Little did we know…

When we got to the “road” it was a mule trail down a virtual cliff. Wouldn’t even risk the Jeep, possibly hike down it. Had our Gazetteer so continued on east, not wanting to turn back. Rockslides, washouts, boulders, cliffs, etc showed us that no one had used the “road” we were on for decades. Five hours later, with the help of the Gazetteer, we got onto a paved road which led home. Fun in retrospect. Our problem was we always thought it “must be better” up ahead… But the maps (by flashlight) led us in the right direction. Still, those little lines don’t always mean you can navigate them.

We were always considered “half a bubble off” ;) and having way too much crazy fun for people our age.