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Mr. Red, That is what they said about Hitler! And look at history, and the Gestapo it also was made up of his people.
I do agree that if they try this it will not work the way they plan it. The 10% or more that do stay alive are preppers, x military, that will take them on.

I am posting this idea to see what everyone thinks! I believe that when there is a collapse of the economy and the dollar which I do believe is coming the government will try something to keep our eyes away from the collapse. If it is an EMP they will never say they did it, they will say Iran, North Koria, or China but never them. Maybe even Russia.

And they would round us up by a way of FEMA helping the people with the camps that we all know are all over the Country. They will offer the people food, water and housing with electricity. This is the way they would do this.