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A quality table saw that has an equally high quality fence is the most basic starting point. Depending on the lumber you buy determines if you need a planner. If you buy a finished product that can be sanded you can will get by without. Rough lumber requires dimensional milling to provide uniformity and a surface smooth enough to sand. (of course this can all be done by hand if you have the right tools and energy).

Band saw, use it to cut everything you don’t cut on the table saw.
A workbench that will not move, vibrate, jiggle or other wise make it hard to use when you need control.
A high quality bench vise. Not a mechanic or machinist vise.

Smoothing plane
Low angle block plane
Tape measure
Good back saw
Chisels as needed, & sharpening stone
Sharp drill bits, forstner bits for blind holes
Sharp pencil, no dull pencils, fat lines make errors.