Funny read, but yeah it is a bit depressing when you relate this to the state of the education system.

Our true history is suppressed because if known, our youth would wake up to the fact we are losing our country to the govt. “The Dumbing Down of America”… Feed ‘em video games, sex without consequences and free cell phones. They act as narcotics to keep the public in a state of virtual reality. And easily controlled. Very few see the times we live in with clarity.

This trend happens everywhere and it is quite shocking. People are taught to be passive and consume whatever “information” is fed to them. Being curious and the ability of critical thinking is neglected.

Change starts with education but if people don’t even want to get educated or investigate what they are told then nothing is going to change (and that’s what those in power want).

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")