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I am a NRA and Appleseed instructor. Most people, even those who think otherwise, don’t have very good shooting fundamentals. I recommend that people who live in the US, attend Appleseed events until they can score rifleman on demand. Very nearly everything they learn then applies to other firearm schools and classes they might attend. Appleseed is the only program that I am aware of that has a low enough cost (max $80 for a weekend and less for women and children) and happens often enough (over 1000 events a year all over the country) that attending a one a month is within the budget of just about anyone. Some skills can be book learned but shooting is mostly about building up muscle memory and good habits through repetition. Appleseed has made me a much better pistol shooter by my application of the fundamentals I learned. Even people who are already very good shooters tend to learn something at Appleseed if they come with our only requirement which is a ‘teachable attidude’.