matt76 and freedom:

Our “spiritual Mother” has commented on how to save our nation. Here is what She said:
The Surprising Door to Economic Recovery
Mary July 25, 2011

Everyone is in confusion. All are running around to find a solution but the seeds have been sown for too long. These are seeds of waste and extravagance, an America which has been out of control for decades. O America, how could this have happened to you whom I have blessed from the beginning? You took my title away from your largest river. (The Mississippi was originally called the River of the Immaculate Conception.) Now, you further strip yourself of your religious clothing. Well, continue. Continue your secular course and I will have you stand naked before the nations, an economic laughing stock. You have put aside your traditions. You have set aside the accounting procedures that made you a model for the world. You are no longer a model. You are a scandal and you are about to take the whole world down with you in your economic collapse.
You will not listen to those who would strengthen you. You are sick and you refuse to take your medicine. You refuse to see how deep is your illness.
You talk of recovery, an economic turn around. There will be no recovery because you lie to yourself. A true recovery is based on truth. You hide the reality and your people want to be lied to. Leaders and people, you are tied together by unhealthy bonds, the profligacy of your lifestyles, the unchecked spending and the lack of any discipline. You have had it all for so many decades. Now you will surrender nothing.
No need to surrender. It will all be taken away from you by your creditors. They will close your doors and shut down your excesses. Must it come to this? Is there no solution? I can offer you solutions, but you will not listen. I can point out a road, but you will not follow. Still, I must try. I cannot give up on America, the nation I have taken as my own.
I give you another chance because you have been generous in the past. This is also your future hope. To save your economy, turn your eyes abroad. See the starving of the world and feed them as you have never fed them before. As your food enters the stomachs of the world’s hungry, then my economic blessings will flow into your financial systems. That is my promise. The hungry of the world are the doors to your economic recovery.