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LOL! I still can’t comprehend being the age I am, being a great grandpa multiple times over, yet not imagining myself being anywhere near capable of either. Heck – my grandfather looked at least as old as I do now, when he was 49. I’ve got his photos and mine to satisfy myself that my perspective is accurate. I find it a bit fun to be what I used to consider “old” and yet not even remotely be able to relate to it. Slowed down, and a bit more creaky when I move? Sure – but not OLD! Good for your grandpa!

The only problem is that while it’s not suicidal ideation, I otherwise really don’t want to live a whole lot longer to experience what’s coming. I can’t help my kids and grandkids (let along my great grandkids) – they think they know better, despite what we taught them as they grew up. And I really don’t want to see what happens to them – much too sad. So I’ll just hang on to defining myself as “old” and hope that script plays out. Unfortunately a whole slew of medical testing says I’m likely to live up to my genetic coding, which includes a bunch of centenarians in my direct lineage. :-)