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Who, besides Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, thinks that openly flaunting their program will work better than sneaking and pretending?

They’re the front line as that position becomes more emboldened. I suspect it’s kind of like the attitude that Quigley had when he published Tragedy and Hope back in 1966. He truly believed that not only were they right, but he believed the time had come to finally open things up. He sensed that it wouldn’t be shut down. Of course Macmillan and their minders had other ideas, and the 2nd printing was not advertised and went out of print. Quigley had an agreement that if the book went out of print he could obtain the plates, but he found out in 1974 that the plates had been destroyed. Convenient. Once Gary Allen, Cleon Skousen, and others discovered Tragedy and Hope, a whole new audience developed just in time for copies to become collectors items worth at least three figures. Quigley’s view that the time had come to be open about what was going on was deemed premature, at best, by what we’ve come to call “The Deep State.” That’s the same reason why the Democratic Socialists of America removed the list from their web site, in which they’d taken pride, showing all the members of Congress that were also DSA members – it wasn’t time yet to “come out.”

I believe Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are serving exactly the same function today, and though much of the Democrat Party is saying little about them, they’re also watching public reaction very carefully. And they like what they see, with growing acceptance of eliminating ICE, instituting universal healthcare (Medicare for everyone), etc. Once Ocasio-Cortez called for the end of ICE, we’ve heard more and more Democrats issue the same call. And of course the front piece for it all, the “newz media,” keeps shaping the narrative and the perception that acceptance is almost universal and opposition to it is downright treasonous. The schools have brilliantly played their role in shaping the mushy minds of children whose parents have both gone to work, either out of necessity or greed, leaving them little time to TAKE time for their kids. So, the kids do their natural rebellion thing and the revered authority figures become their teachers. Brilliant coordinated plan.

By the way – communication and journalism majors score considerably down the ranks on their overall SAT scores (lower half), and education majors score well below them! That’s mainly who are being attracted to those two professions. And in the “critical reading” portion of the SAT, education majors score more than 100 points lower in that subsection than the top scoring majors (based on a study of students entering various majors who took the 2014 SAT). Though those geniuses are graduating this year (perhaps), similar results have existed for years.