Slow is perspective.
The “high velocity” load for the BO is literally going half the speed of my old .220 Swift and not quite 2/3 the speed of the AR/.223 and the .270.
It’s literally going the sae speed as my old .45-70 maxed out.
So slow fits.

That lack of speed means a shorter range and looping trajectory. Same as the AK round essentially, just built for more accuracy.

But out here, that lack of range is a consideration.
As well as the lack of muscle.
The .300 works well on deer and we shall see on antelope. But elk? Not even sure its legal, I am checking on that. For a while, the mid-bore guns will prevail for the bigger game.

Basically I am looking at the gun as an underpowered .30-30 that is really compact if a bit chunky.