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[The “edit bug” trashed the following. Thankfully I’ve learned to use the copy function before editing anything here.]
(Disclosure notice: The following is submitted with blatant sarcasm fully intended.)

CORRECTION: There is no crisis in South Africa, nobody’s getting killed over their farm land, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on. Reading the following story confirms all that, thanks to NBC News:


Instead, if you read down far enough, you come upon the real, current state of affairs – everything is just plain normal in South Africa. Says the former (Obama appointed) Ambassador to SA and former Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee and former acting director of SEIU International during their successful effort to help the Democrats win majorities in the House and Senate):

The president of the U.S. needs political distractions to turn our gaze away from his criminal cabal, and so he’s attacking South Africa with the disproven racial myth of ‘large scale killings of farmers.’

And NBC further reports:

For years, a small but vocal group of white South Africans have claimed white farmers are the target of violent, racially motivated farm attacks. However, experts say that the attacks are in line with the country’s high murder rate and that there is no evidence connecting them to victims’ race.

So. There you have it. Nothing out of the ordinary in SA. Wonderful place to live. In fact, that’s particularly true if you’re white:

“Whites are less likely to be murdered than any other race group.”

Thank you, NBC News, for making that explicitly clear.
[SARC/off – but probably not for long….]