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Nothing surprising here, just a graphic reminder that what’s distant news to many of us, is horrendously personal news to others. It’s happening:


Says one clearly intelligent comment:

What difference does the value of the land make. It is now worth NOTHING since the new owners either cannot or will not efficiently work these seized farms. This like ALL government seizures will be the total downfall of this nation. The individuals running nation are grossly incompetent and in the end will revert to civil war and ruin.

The Liberal West will then insist that WE must intervene to rescue the poor citizens of this “failed” State. Governments run by criminals and radical liberals (same thing) ALWAYS fail over and over but the media and the left NEVER acknowledge the fatal flaws in their system of governance.

Instead the morons on the left in the US are trying to sell this soap to Americans as the CURE for our terrible nations “unequal” wealth distribution. Same B.S. different country. Instead of farms Sen. Warren wants to seize large corporations and turn them over to “workers.” Shades of Joseph Stalin ??

Turning the words back at Peter Paul and Mary, “When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?”