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It is truly a mess, but at least GOSA (Gun Owners of South Africa) has managed to put a stop to this whole expired license nonsense for now. They have been doing some extraordinary work for firearm owners here. http://www.gosaonline.co.za/categories-1-layout/item/340-so-what-is-this-court-case-about-really

Some licensed firearm owners had legitimate reasons for not renewing in time, but the police chose to adopt a dictator attitude. Our FCA (Firearms Control Act) states that a license must be renewed at least 90 days before it expires, some of the DFO’s (Dedicated Firearms Officer) took this as a literal 90 days, no more and no less. If your 90 days fell on a weekend they just said tough luck. Plenty of owners tried to renew earlier, knowing that they would not able to closer to the time, some with success and others not. Some also went in after the 90 days with the same results, both positive and negative. It seems as if though our police received an order from higher up to make it as difficult as possible for renewals. Like I said, it went both ways with no clear standard interpretation of the FCA, although I don’t really think there is anything unclear in the Act, they made it one huge mess. Now did this happen through sheer arrogance and with an agenda, or just through incompetence, is anyone’s guess.

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