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Morning all. So to use the analogy of the frog in the pot of water, I would say it is safe to say that currently a bead of sweat is starting to form on his brow, but it is still so nice in the water… Things are definitely heating up and yet there are still people that refuse to even acknowledge the potential for a big collapse/economic implosion.

A couple of weeks ago the cANCer said that it had identified 139 farms targeted for expropriation. This past weekend a list of nearly 200 farms was leaked to the media by AfriForum, claiming this to be the list and claiming that it came from a confidential informant. Yesterday the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform said the list is not real/true. The irony in this is that they themselves have then identified 139 farms, so obviously there must be some list going around. Seems to be a classic case of “we can neither confirm, nor deny” and in saying so little, they are actually saying a lot.

The other thing now, if they are saying that the list is false and they target even one of the farms on this list, it would be logical to assume that the rest will follow and if I was one of those farm owners I would be very wary.



C’est L’Afrique.