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… just ran across these audio clips which offer at least some well considered thoughts on the nature of what intangible, yet wicked, thing may be coming …

Nice find, LT. I found that discussion quite interesting as well. Here are some of my first impressions and thoughts:

1. Degrading of the concept of citizenship → loss of pride in citizenship → evaporation of identity as a nation.

2. George Wallace gave probably the simplest sound-byte explanation of the concept of the “elite” when he gave us his “dime’s worth of difference” explanation of the so-called 2-party system. They’re merely two sides of the same coin.

3. The “coming apart” of the unified core beliefs is being seen already in the U.S. As pointed out, there’s no longer any sense of “we’re all still Americans in the end,” and therefore there will/can be no resolution, at least under the Constitution as a base.

4. They use the term “regicide” toward the end of part 1, and several times in part 2. I would argue that the first instance of regicide was JFK – a real, coordinated plot to do what this “free” nation considers almost unthinkable: taking down of THE symbol of American government – the President. Unlike in the 1960s and for decades beyond, today it is being done openly – the media isn’t even attempting to cover it up, whereas they “failed” to investigate all the anomalies that quickly came out after Kennedy’s assassination (apparently coordinated and seemingly deliberate degrading of security on the day of the assassination, credible reports of different calibers of bullets, autopsy report and photograph “changes,” the “pristine bullet” claims, etc). The media (referring to it as a single monolithic entity, because it is) is merely “coming out” today, even though it has operated in the same mode for decades, and more likely well over a century.

5. The fact (looping back to item 3 above) that the civil war is already clearly in progress and it seems almost inconceivable that a single candidate from either party can be found around whom the nation could largely come together. Of course the two parties have carefully and strongly woven a safety net that disallows any “3rd party” from gaining sufficient votes to win an election.

6. Now I have to diverge from the theme of a “civil war.” It served its excellent purpose for setting up or framing their arguments – all excellent. But in reality, it isn’t really a civil war. It is no longer a well defined side-against-side “event.” What does it mean to be “Republican” or “Democrat,” for example? While many may still vote for their respective parties, I’m finding increasingly larger numbers of people that openly declare themselves “independent” but still voting “with” their former parties at election time for little more than to keep the other “side” from gaining even more power, as they see it. In reality, there is so much divergence of belief and opinion, with so very little educated thought behind those opinions, and it’s becoming so much more openly hostile, I see it much more as the somewhat earlier stages of anarchy.

So the idea that we could exist in this state for perhaps hundreds of years doesn’t seem entirely far fetched. But it may be much more limited than that, unlike the Roman Empire. The difference is that travel and weaponry could easily limit the length of the “internal” conflict with China, Iran, NoKo, Russia, and perhaps others coming onto the scene, all having designs on filling the vacuum once the $US finally tanks. The relative (and that term is critical to understand) strength of the $US is not a reflection of an inherent strength and superiority of the United States as a world power. It is merely a reflection of the fact that other currencies reflect even greater weaknesses and risks within their own respective countries (case in point right now – Turkey, and its effect on both the $US as well as gold).

Yep – fundamental evil has taken its toll, and appears to be in the latter stages of winning. My signature block, as mentioned before, has one of the most powerful (and relevant) quotes I’ve ever found when it comes to the state of affairs in the U.S.