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Problem is, Tolik, with polls showing an increasing (and significant) number of our younger adult population favoring socialism, enlistment goals being achieved in the military even without a draft, and an education system that has left two or more entire generations without a clue what the alternatives are (i.e. what constitutional government really looks like, and what capitalism really looks like, and what the inside of a church really teaches, not to mention the watered down version actually taught inside too many churches today – with those conditions (combined with the conditioning that has been demonstrably effective), just what do two generations have to fall back on when they realize they’ve been scammed? They wouldn’t really know what it is they should fight for and attempt to put in place as an alternative. And certainly a mass government education program to set things right ain’t gonna happen. This isn’t the days of Kennedy’s nationwide physical fitness campaign, or the days of the American Freedom Train touring the country (look that one up – I’ll bet very few even here have any idea what that even was, or what it was about).

The basic principle in nature that nature abhors a vacuum is true in far more than just air pressure differential. You can’t fix anything by simply eliminating it. Take it away, and the easiest replacement will rush in. There is no strong core belief system to rush in and replace our current state of affairs even if we could suddenly eliminate the status quo. So the kiddies (up through age 50 for the most part) might finally be running around offing the pig, but they really don’t know what to do once the pig is offed, and they sure as heck ain’t likely to be listening to us old guys and gals about the replacement plan….

Realism may justify pessimism. But it doesn’t have to include depression or despair. That individual and personal choice can’t be externally controlled. While I don’t look forward to it, and personally hope it doesn’t come, I can still envision going down with a smile on my face, knowing my personal integrity is still intact in the end. I worry about my grand and great grand kids. But that’s where the Serenity Prayer kicks in. Still practicing….