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[Fill in the blank] ” __________ says its security forces have killed at least 52 suspected militants in recent days in the restive northern Sinai Peninsula. … It says it destroyed 26 hideouts and weapons depots, and dismantled 64 explosive devices.”

If you guessed Israel, guess again. This was a domestic operation by Egypt.


In my opinion, that’s a reasonably nice piece of news, but also something that would be nice to share in the west, if for no other reason than to counter the notions that there is no hope for that region, that every Muslim is an enemy to the U.S., and that the U.S. and NATO need to remain entrenched there forever, wasting more American lives.

The story is freely running on many prominent Arab news sites, as well as in Israel. And Associated Press has it available for the U.S. news media, but I was able to find only two U.S. outlets actually reporting it here: The Oklahoman newspaper site at 2:54 a.m. this morning, and U.S. News and World Report. The major networks? Nothing that I could find.

Once again, it’s non-western news sources that are providing major news stories that should be of interest to Americans, but our own sources are not giving them to us. And the President is criticized for calling them “fake news” and an enemy to the country?

Al Jazeera adds:

The deaths bring to more than 300 the number of fighters killed in the operation that the Egyptian army, backed by police and other security forces, launched in February as part of a campaign to eradicate armed groups responsible for a surge in violence in the desert region.


Meanwhile, western (especially U.S.) news sources offer such things as:

Sisi’s Control of Egypt Is Absolute
from The Atlantic
Acting out of weakness, Sissi launches another crackdown from Washington Post

[sarc/ON] and other unbiased, balanced reporting…. [sarc/OFF]

Is it as black and white as that? Not at all. But when we get only one biased side of any story, neglecting all the other flavors, it’s called control, and therefore propaganda.