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WB, Tolik, and LT, you can add my “gut” on this one. The only differences – if they’re even significant (I think one actually is) are the following. One, my only surprise is that “it” (the perfect storm mentioned by WB) hasn’t happened yet. I thoroughly believed it would happen by the end of 2012, just after the election, or early in 2013. But it didn’t. And it didn’t …. And it didn’t. Yet if one digs down into the “numbers” being reported about how great the economy is, it becomes apparent that something not quite defined, but most definitely weird, is happening. Personally, I’ve attributed it to massive manipulation of the markets. It’s most easily seen – if one looks and knows somewhat about how these markets move – in the precious metals. Manipulation? I have zero question. I could go on with quite a bit of evidence, but will save the space (and time).

And another factor concerning the markets is just how the DOW is being propped up. I happened to see Larry Kudlow on TV the other day, and I wish I had a recording of it to go back and review (and even post. He absolutely contradicted himself in the middle of his commentary, first talking about how great the Trump rally is in all (almost) areas – jobs, stock market, unemployment, taxes, wages, etc. But then he turned around and told how just a small handful of companies is responsible for virtually the entire run-up in the stock market. And every one of the companies produces nothing. Amazon, which produces almost no actual products, and Netflix which produces nothing more than the intangible, so-called entertainment, are responsible for over 48% of the S&P’s rise this year! On the other end of the spectrum, Procter & Gamble, Exxon Mobile, and GE are three of the largest negative pressures on the market – and they produce actual things. That alone should cause anyone to wonder just how strong the economy is.

The second difference I believe very strongly, is what/who is behind it all. I do NOT believe we’re well served by buying into what we’re being fed, that this is a left-right issue, communist vs. capitalist, or whatever. I believe that if one looks closely, and at least briefly simply puts personally held belief systems on hold, the evidence is that there is one major overriding force behind it all. I will simply call it (and have previously) fundamental evil. There are other names for it, and attributed specific forces, but that’s a topic for a different thread that goes into the spiritual. So I’ll take the Alcoholics Anonymous approach, and frame that simply as “fundamental evil, however one chooses to interpret it,” just as they do with the concept of “God.”

The bottom line is still the same – something bad is coming, there are people and forces behind it that are very real, the evidence is clear, but the reporting of it is severely manipulated. Count me in.

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