Historically , ” shooting the bastards ” has been the only avenue left open to free men . Only avenue because of the refusal of the other side to negotiate , or even recognize the basic rights of human beings , in regards to life , liberty , and even basic dignity . Europe is lost , and not being European , I don’t care . Mostly because wherever you live is the only area that you have , or hope to have any control over . ( US ) Governmental abuses , over taxation , and epidemic abuse by LE of all levels , is a problem that in recent times , has gotten worse than in any time in our nations history . That , and with the unrecognized problems , and effects of overpopulation ……….something has to break . There are very few people today with authority , that have the backbone , honor , or integrity to stand up against these things . All levels , when you have for profit prisons , guess how you fuel the system ? by creating laws and arresting people . Property forfeiture , nothing more than a license to steal ……..thats all it is . Steal without due process of any actual conviction of any crime . Clearly unconstitutional . Tennessee is notorious for theft from a badge . I could go on , but we get the picture . Police have become not much more than thugs for the system ……………..and as such , the mistrust has never been greater than it is today . Any good ones , can’t survive for long in todays atmosphere , they have to either become part of it directly , or ignore the activities of their peers . Bloody shame all the way around . I always believed that in many cases , if you took the money out of certain things , they would get better almost over night . Prisons being a burden to the state , means fewer laws to put people in jail , all except for the most serious offenses . Fewer laws means greater liberty , and a lesser need for those to enforce such laws . That means a return of trust . I don’t think local government should be allowed to exist in. modern times . The state should be the lowest level of government ….it could be done , but is a subject for another thread . Let me put it this way .
Federal government : You have to build a house to this general code .
State government : You have to build a house to this general code , in addition you have to pay us for the privilege to do so , and we don’t want you to build anything over two stories high .
Local government : Same as above , but in addition , you can’t paint it white , you also have to buy the paint from this store , any grass you plant can’t be mowed on a Thursday or Saturday , or you pay us a bribe .
The lower you go , the more petty it is , the more taxes you pay , and the less free you become . The whole reason you have that crap , is because there is always somebody willing to enforce , even the most ridiculous infractions , without understanding they are part of the problem , or don’t give two shits about being part of the problem . They know they are stealing when they do it , and don’t care ( property forfeiture ) ” well its legal ” , instead of doing what is right .