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I’ve had similar gut feelings and worries. Education and reason are declining among the general population. “Community Organizing” grows. The Left becomes more emotional, violent, and destructive over their political differences with us, and most governments give such behavior at least a pass if not proudly overt public support. Islamists are taking over Europistan. China and Russia, are making advances in weapons systems. US forces are thinly spread, fighting almost unreported wars, in places where nobody has publicly identified any legitimate US interest.

Marxism, in the form of Cloward/Piven overloading of the various Welfare schemes, grows in popularity at a time when many employers are demanding utter and permanent obliteration of the national border to provide not just cheap labor, but labor AT ALL(!) since many Americans would proudly starve, beg, steal, and riot, before they would EVER accept working AT ALL(!)

But the banksters who finance all the variants of would-be world takeover are several moves ahead of us ordinaries. They have already picked their next frontmen/sword-wielders, leaving us to wonder who they’ve chosen, how best to oppose them, and how to survive the waste to which their next big power grab will lay the world. Under all variants of fractional reserve central banking, we subsidize a perpetual enemy, who will never stop trying to complete our enslavement, until the Celestial Whistle blows.

Once, I naively believed and expected that superior ideas would win out in the realm of Politics. When one side of the contest has unlimited access to microphones and press, and the other has virtually none, we are no longer in the realm of Politics, except, perhaps, as von Clausewitz dryly described it as, “War by other means.” When the tine comes, is Shooting the B@stards, “Politics by other means?”

Cry, "Treason!"