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Maine is in some ways like Siberia , if you wanted to disappear forever into the woods ……you could.

I had to chuckle at that. Your profile photo reminds me of my grandfather who was actually in Siberia in 1918/19 fighting the communists. The attached photo was taken on Christmas Day 1918. He wrote extensively about his experiences and lessons learned from that experience, and his very last written comment was as follows:

It has been estimated that 14,000 persons in the vicinity of Moscow during the first three months of 1919 were murdered by the Bolsheviki. Is this what we are calling a civilized world, and is this what the people of America want to come to? In conclusion of my story I earnestly appeal to the people of America and their loyalty to their flag and their government to stand by it at all times.

That was written 99 years ago. He learned his life’s lesson during the 1+ year he was in Siberia, and was a quiet but strong supporter of the Constitutional Republic and capitalism. And while he existed “in society,” once he retired he did so in a very quiet, peaceful part of the nation, content to be with like-minded friends (of which there were many more back in those days), and family – as long as they weren’t contentious (which sadly meant he had little to do with many members of his own family). My family lineage has much in common with your own thinking, including a fur hat. ;-)