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Strong recommendation: If you’re interested in NOT being tracked by these folks, use startpage.com as your search engine and copy and paste WB’s link into the search bar. Then on the SECOND line of the link to that article, click the word “Proxy.” You will be taken to the site with zero tracking. That web site uses tracking cookies, as well as other tracking devices (as you will notice when you use the anonymous proxy connection, as evidenced by the little missing pieces of information on the site). You can then anonymously click through any of the links on the site and see what else is there if you choose. Your evidence of that is what shows up in the URL bar when you click on a link. It will go to a page that looks something like this:


That’s Startpage’s own link to the page without passing along any identifying information of any sort – including your IP address, which is otherwise immediately available to the Marxist website if you just click the first line of the search engine link, or if you use Google.