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Good find, WB. Anyone who thinks Marxism is dead, simply has his or her head in the sand. But the steam roller rolls on. Ignore the rumbling sound at one’s own risk. And as I’ve said many times here and elsewhere, this isn’t Soviet communism, Chinese communism, Cuban communism. Marxism is an entirely different animal, and far more dangerous – and serious. The Manifesto was published 170 years ago, and is clearly still the centerpiece of their ideology. Anyone questioning the claims by those who know, concerning the violence and totalitarian nature of this best, need only read this one paragraph from the article:

There is no better occasion than the centenary of the Russian Revolution to redouble our efforts for the cause of socialism. Far from being ashamed of our revolutionary credentials, we are proud to stand on the shoulders of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and the countless other revolutionary heroes of our class from around the world. … We embrace the legacy of Bolshevism and reject those who caricature its accomplishments and organizational forms.

Another useful thing these folks did was remind anyone who’s reading of what the fake news media is NOT telling the public. The MSM are equating the (note upper case) Democratic Socialists of America with a simple blending of democracy and socialist thought, and “explaining” to their stupid viewers that Ocasio-Cortez is merely a Democrat who’s further left than some others in the Party, never explaining that the Democratic Socialists of America is a formal, very real organization, and not too many years ago their web site actually published a list of which members of Congress were ALSO members of the DSA. I used to have that on my hard drive, but had a major crash a couple of years ago, and didn’t recover everything. This list was full of very recognizable names, some of whom are still in Congress today.

Note that Socialism and Marxism both exist in the title of this article. When the leftists say “socialism” you can’t hear the upper case “S” – but it’s there. It’s interchangeable with “Marxism.” In a related article on the web site, they make it clear – a takeover of the Democratic Party and the defeat of capitalism are the stated goals. They reject the party of Clinton, Pelosi and Obama by specific names:

“Anyone but Trump” is lesser evilism by another name. A break from the failed policies of the past is long overdue. In Dante’s Inferno, the words “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” are engraved above the Gates of Hell. The same can be said of the Democratic Party. “For or against” a decisive break from the party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left. Neither capitalism nor the two-party system can be reformed—they must be rendered obsolete by the working class fighting for revolution through a mass socialist party. … [T]he party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left.