Most people think we are nuts (maybe a little) but if life is totally safe and predictable, is it worth living?
YES , even more so . Personally , they can have all that other crap . On a daily basis , life is what you make it . If you want it boring , thats your right ……………………..and in some ways , a privilege to do so . I’m in my 50’s , I moved to Maine from the Southwest . Why ? Many reasons , one of them was to have all I need ( or want ) within a one hour radius of where I live . If its farther away than that , I don’t need it ( or want it ) . I traveled for 25 years of my life . I got that junk out of my system long ago . Now I’m in a place where I see beauty , every season , I have the ocean , river, or lakes , and thick forrest , no more than 20 min away , depending on direction . Boring , predictable , stability over chaos ? YES , I will take that every time . F traveling , Double F foreign travel , F cities , F humanity in general . Been there , done that . Have no use for it . I’m that hillbilly sitting on his front porch with a shotgun ( and much more ) , ready to chase away anybody that doesn’t leave me alone . Because thats what I want out of life right now , the right to be left alone . When I do go out ( I still have to work lol ) , I treat people with respect and dignity , thats all I ask in return . Maine is in some ways like Siberia , if you wanted to disappear forever into the woods ……you could . In fact there was a man that did exactly that here . For 30 years he lived in the deep woods . How did we find out about him ? Hahaha , he got himself arrested , stealing food from a camp site .